by Kygo x Dillon Francis x Sidizen King

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First Verse:

Double take when she walks up in the room
Summer break, first year from the U/
Bubble cake, first gear for the view/ slow down for a minute "it's been years, how are you?"/

Vibing back and forth just like a give and go/
Plus she's expressing feelings she said she never could before/
Only problem, she's the homie's little sister though/

Wicked though, the way she switch them hips be like I switch the flow/
Said she ain't in town for long "but can we kick it though?...and even though I know it's wrong, can we ditch the code?"/

You know the meaning, the unsigned agreement between the team, that you'd never kick it to a brother's sister even if you dreaming/ even the demon on my shoulder's screaming "Ayo Sid, you can't justify that, 'cause once you cross that line ain't no rectifying that", and even Alec Trebek wouldn't jeopardize that!


Is it alright if I come round
Is it too late if I come now
Would you stay up to figure this out
Some way
If I stay here would you come back
If I stay cool would you be mad
Would you want me if I want you
That way

Cause all I can think about is coming over, coming over
All I can think about is coming over, coming over
All I can think about is coming over, coming over

2nd Verse:

okay it's killing me the way your sister's feeling me/
I'm at your crib like all the time, hoping I can steal a peek/
lately she's been on my mind, tell me, is it ill of me?/
To wanna be the Bill Clinton to your sister's Hilary?/
I'm stressing, she stole my number out of your old phone, now she's texting/

Talking 'bout she feeling all alone, need affection/
Blowing up my mobile, yo I'm standing right next to him/

Man if he sees these, they gonna have to call my next of kin

a new direction, she said she wanna be my detour/
"They saying that you next, you bout to blow up like some C4"/
Plus, you and your ex, I heard y'all broke up like the seafloor/
So if you come correct, then guess what all of this can be yours"

I can't lie...I'm thinking bout it/
He stole my girl in third grade, I'm still bitter bout it/
And I probably shouldn't take a chance on it/
But she full-court pressing me, I couldn't pass on it



released April 24, 2015



all rights reserved


SiDizen King Los Angeles, California

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