Life is Good

by SiDizen King

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Verse 1

And I just made this little beat though
I ain't got the lyrics but I bet I got a heat flow
Beast mode holla at em if you got a problem
I'm a west side resider who got up out the east coast
I know you thought that I stopped it but I'm at it again
So try to follow pop a bottle and call up your friends
I struck the lotto, bout to cop an impala or Benz
Car full of models and I promise that all of them tens
And they look right, you ain't gotta ask what they cook like
Lids tight this a little flash of the good life
Live life to the fullest, even in the hood like
Play this on the radio tell 'em what the hook like


Life is good
I got a pocket full of sunshine can't nobody hold me now
Life is good
Cruise control baby you should know
Can't nobody slow me down
Life is good
We at a block party doing our thing
Got the whole city rocking like this
Life is good
And you can roll through if you want to
But don't you rock my boat

Verse 2

Life is good, yeah this is high living
cause my load got a little bit lighter like aunt Viv in
the fourth season of Fresh Prince
I've been def since 1987,
8-7 I'm the difference
I was riding down the block with some ladies on my jock
when I saw a little gyspy, she typsy so I stopped
she said "the rap game weak, why you wasting time thinking
bring the power back on like it's 12:00 blinking"

Fasting on top of mountains chilling with Quetzalcoatl
He said it was time to blow their minds, turn it to Chernobyl
Never sober, my third eye open watching the heavens closing
Hell is frozen, the Devil's hella cold and I'm selling coats
Ain't no better fella, betcha Hellen Keller could tell I was dope
but that's irrela, fed up cause my pockets got nothing but hope
don't rock my boat, this how I cope, cause all I know



released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


SiDizen King Los Angeles, California

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